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86 5kw auto tran

	Alex writes >>>the tranny is turning to filings<<<<

	Just went through this on the wife's wagon.  If indeed you are 
seeing filing type "stuff" be sure to check the transaxle.

	One problem with the oath I took to NEVER go to an Audi dealer 
for repairs is that I replaced the transmission and transaxle--not even 
knowing of the recall.  Stupid is as Stupid does.  Oh well.

	Ask your Audi dealer about recall years.  I think you may be in 
the right area.  If not, there is a place in Chicago that sells rebuilt 
Trans for like $650.  I don't remember the name, but I will check and see 
if I still have it.  After stealing a transaxle from a wrecked 85 5kt I 
have, I went the boneyard route on the tranny, paid $450 w/ 60k on 
it--101 day warranty.  Be sure to look at the fluid before buying it.  If 
they won't let you, go somewhere else.  When you replace it be sure to 
put in new fluid & filter.  Good luck and be patient.  The transaxle was 
a real mutha to replace.  Remember, Massive force x heat = easier removal!