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Re: 90 Compressor woes.

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> Sorry to mention it in the last post.  My car is a 90.  This is
> what I have done so far.  Put 1 lb o freon in it.  Nothing.  Tried
> jumping the low and disconecting the high pressur switch.  I disconnected
> the low as well.  Still no voltage to the AC compressor.  Where should I
> go next.

You checked for voltage to the ac clutch? If you have power going to it, 
but it doesnt turn...well, you can figure that out,  if you dont have 
power to it, check your ac dash switch, if climate control, run 
diagnostics on the head unit. meanwhile you can just run a jumper to the 
AC clutch and see if it works.  Actually, I ran my 4000Q like that for 
years! :)


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