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5K brake bits n' pieces

Is the 5Ks brake fluid chamber a simple little plastic container?
I'm only asking because it is the strangest device I have ever had to deal
with on the Audi. I try and fill it and the fluid just goes into the center
part under the cap. Does not fill the rest of the chamber. Huh!

Did the same thing when I did my brake pads. Squeeze cylinder in to fit
fresh pad. All the while keeping an eye on the brake fluid level. It does
not change. But after putting on brake set together, I walk over to check
brake fluid level and see that brake fluid did come out from under the
loosened cap. But never filled the chamber back up. Huh again!

Am I missing something here. Lucas hydraulics???

This is the rectagular plastic tub on top of the MCylinder.
I did turkey baster out some brake fluid when I squeezed in the second
brake piston. Live and learn. Just a little.

How do I fill up the brake reservior if I can't get to it from the opening?
I'm lost.

My bottle of LMA is still waiting.
thanks bunch.

BTW, does anyone else's Repco pads smell like burnt wiring insulation when
hot. A few times after I've done some hot braking, I've noticed the nasty
acrid smell coming from my front wheel wells. Can't be the smell of cooking
Am I really maxing out my BFG Comp T/A ZR's?  Smells really bad. Maybe I do
have the organic decay brake pads. Phew!

Ernest Wong