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Re: quattro-digest V3 #567

re: One-Lap
The Tracks abd dates are as follows:
june 9- 6pm Watkins Glen (ny)
june 10- 6am- Michigan International
june 10- 1pm Putnam Park (Ind.)
june 11- 6am- Road America (Elkart lake Wi)
june 11- 11:45 am- Blackhawk Farms (Ill)
june 12- 6am- Heartland Park, (topeka Ks)
june 12- 2pm- Hallet motorspeedway-( Ok.)
june 13- 8am- Mepmhis Mororsports park (tn)
june 14- 7am- Summit Point (w.va)
june 14- 5:15 pm -Lime Rock Park (Ct) 
june 15- 7:30 am- Williamson Intl (Spenser- oval) Ny
june 15- 6pm- Watkins Glen (Again!)

There are TWO quattros running- My s6 wagon- and a 93 s-4  (phil 
Catalano- from Kentwood MI.) He has suspension, ecu, bigger turbo, 
intake, headers, scorpion exhaust, variable boost, Wheel, tire and 
brake upgrades ETC! We will certainly have fun competing against each 
other- but also against the MB Rentec E60, MB 190 16V, 2 MB E420 sports 
and others in our class- as well as the other 95 cars! There is some 
WILD machinery!  2 Porsche turbo carrera 4's, a half dozen ZR-1s, a 
Viper, an other half dozen porsches and 300zx twin turbos, 2 toyota 
supra turbos, 4 BMW m-3s, a bunch of American muscle cars including a 
Lingfelter Pontiac, etc, etc. We will keep you posted- and pray for 
RAIN- the great quattro advantage!