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Take the Audi Fishing!!

Well Today I would have to say has been the worst day in my life

My brothers asked me if I wanted to go fishing. I said "Ok"
and my wife and I followed them up to this lake they always brag about
in which I have never been to. passing tons and tons of good fishing
spots but no keep going they took a turn on to this gravel road which I
would normaly never drive on but what the hell Ill take it slow and
every thing will be ok. yea sure.

we head up in to the gravel about five miles and my brothers who are
leading the way hit the brakes. looking around i didnt see any water but
an old dried up river bed going off to my left.

My brother annouces "follow us up this road!" "what road?" I ask

of course they meant the river bed but they swore that it was only
boulder like for about a hundred feet or so. and then it was clear
sailing on smooth dirt road.

I thought about it for a MS and promptly said no! but as always they
convinced me that if there litte nissan stanza can make it my big bold
Quattro will have no problems. so out of pride & male ignorance I said
"lets go for it!" after all the lake was only 2 miles away.

So I followed and the river bed (I mean road) narrowed after about 50
feet what was now thousands of fist size rocks turned in to bowling ball
size boulders with dips and all they step on it and that was the last I
saw of them. and there was no smooth dirt.

 They oviously have no respect for any car in general.
(in fact my other brother Bruce rolled is car down a ravine a few weeks

After watching pieces of there car fly off and them vanish ahead I did
the sensible thing I chickened out but there was no place to turn around
so I kept going till I could find a place to turn around. and hit a dip
and buried my muffler pipe and catalytic converter bringing both rear
wheel off the ground. I managed to pull the car through it (thank god
for Quattro) turned around drove out after smashing my oil pan in to
several boulders and I was free..

Cursing and screaming the whole way out of the now normal gravel road
which felt like the best asphalt I have ever ridden on. Millions of
thing ran through my head dollar signs clicked how much damaged did I do
I wondered. I reach the Pavement stop the car and looked underneath to
my supprise no visible damage. Exaust was fine (few scrapes and dents)
the oil pan merely had a nuckle size dent. ok I lucked out!

NOPE!!! Started driving and every time I hit a bump in the road I hear a
loud metal against metal smacking sound. I made it home and now when I
push on the passanger side fender I hear this smacking sound. bent Strut

Todays lesson I have learned

#1 when your brothers ask you to go fishing REFUSE!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas what this sound I am hearing is?


Sorry to where your eyes out

Nick Van Houte
84 4kq (at least most of one)

BTW: I havent seen my brother since then
     Serves them right!