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Re: quattro-digest V3 #572

New to the list Also,

I hate to add fuel to the fire over the failing transmissions but.... 
The folks have an 1987 5000cstq Turbo front wheeler with only 79,000 miles on
it ( they never drive it and it is absolutly *&^*ing beautiful).  You guessed
it- the trans has failed.
Went to the local Chicagoland Audi dealer and was quated a 1900.00 rebuild.
Needless to say the immaculate Turbo sits in their garage.  How on earth did
get  Audi to replace a trans under warrenty at 200K?  What are the specifics
I need to tell the dealer to get this done?  The auto is transfering the
fluid from the power section to the drive section (or vice versa?)  I am
pretty sure it did not go through any recalls (yet).  Maybe if I get it fixed
the folks will give it to me.
Thanks in advance.

Scott Doherty
1988 5000cstq
1991 200 20V