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Median Strip antics

Driving home from Disney today - 75 mph, fast lane, wet weather. Maroon
Eclipse 100' behind me, trying to keep up. A semi w/tanker going the other
way dives into the median at a 45 degree angle to me - totally out of
control. First try braking (hooray for ABS repairs!), unfortunately that's
not gonna cut it. Tactical decision time... Downshift and dive for the
median strip - praying there's nothing there but grass, weeds, and mud.
Somehow miss the semi - still can't figure out how... 
The maroon Eclipse loses the whole passenger side, possible back injuries to
driver. Custom minitruck in center lane loses drivers side in rear. He's ok.
New Lincoln Town Car center punches the semi - air bags deploy, fire,
passenger still doesn't make it. Driver and 2 in the back ambulatory with
cut, bruises and back injuries. Semi driver has head injuries. Never blew a
tire, not a single skid make prior to entering the median. I-4 closed for 3+
Said a silent prayer and kissed the Audi. It needs a bath, has a buncha
weeds stuck under it in odd places. Didn't even throw off the alignment...

I will never drive anything but a quattro.
********************************AUDI FAN******************************
EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and not counting (damned VDO odometers)...
1.9 bar boost (charlie spring, no shim) - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches!
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