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Re: CQ Lurching?

> My 1990 Coupe Quattro is exhibiting a strange lurching during the
> transition from accelerating or steady state speed to decelerating, but
> only below about 2000 rpm, most noticeable in first gear. Idle is rock
> steady, at about 900 rpm, warm or cold. It is impossible to not have it
> lurch at low rpm, even trying to go from steady to decelerating in no
> traffic, like a parking lot. Do my best Astaire tap dance, it still
> lurches. Higher engine speed it is fine, smooth as can be. Any ideas?
> What should I look for? Ignition? Fuel delivery? Magic?
I had the same exact problem on my 5000 try disconnecting the idle stabilizer
valve and running the car, it was the ISV control relay on mine causing the
same problem, as you decelerate it feels like you're pumping the gas real quick
or am I wrong??
Rich Andrews