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Re: Dave's Good Driving (& Lox)

>Dave - GOOD on ya.  Glad you're here, and sorry that others were 

Me too, Dave.

>Also - you asked about your door lock.
>> Has anyone troubleshot this switch (drivers door)? Symptoms:
>> 1. Can lock/unlock drivers door - no other locks will lock.
>> 2. Can lock/unlock passenger front door, all locks will lock/unlock.
>>  This pretty much points me into the drivers door. Don't know how the switch
>> comes apart, though... Any input?
>I was in there on my 90/200 last weekend.  My bet is that the vacuum 
>line has come off the reservoir in your door...

Don't think so, Al.  The vac lines all come from a single vac/pressure line
at the vac pump.  (Under the rear seat in my car.)  A leaking driver's door
vac line will also be a leak at any other door and the entire system
shouldn't work.

I vote for the switch in the door lock being bad or loose or...  Anyway, it
sounds like an electrical problem in the driver's door region to me.  The
signal to run the pump isn't reaching the pump from that door switch for
some reason.

>or some related ill 
>has befallen the linkage to the REST of the car.  
>Right above the rotating lock link, there is a toothed mechanism 
>which interfaces with the teeth on the link, and I didn't trace it to 
>see where it connects.  I hope that specific part is NOT it, as I had 
>to use J. Goggin's technique of pulling the door frame (and having 
>a lovely assistant, my wife, hold that frame) to get at the door handle/lock.

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