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FW: Audi Help Please Fast!

Subject:  Re: Audi Help Please Fast!

Hello, my name is Paul and I live in Exeter, NH.

I have a deposit down on the following car:

1990 Audi 90 Quattro 20v,5-speed,  91,000miles,  $11,000..
leather, alarm, computer, heated seats...CD player

I am desparate for any kind of heads-up you experts can give me
on what, if anything, to be cautious of.....etc. Please respond quickly
as this deal may happen this evening.  I have always admired the Quattro
and even  though I consider myself mechanically informed...I am way
on the Quattro.  Please excuse this intrusion just this once.

Thankyou very much!


Can you add anything to the list below?

   - Make sure the timing belt has been done.  $$$
     - Listen for any noise coming from the distributor or the AC
     compressor.  $$-$$$
     - Check for any shimmy when braking.  $$$
     - Make sure AM band on radio works(could indicate bad antenna).   
     - Check for leaks around passenger window frame and tail lights(run
     garden hose directly onto trunk lid and watch for leaks on inside.   
     - Average mileage should be HW-26 City-22 (approx.)

     These are just a few.  Dollar signs give you an idea of cost to
     repair.  These are best guesses; sorry if not competely accurate.

     I bought my '90 Coupe Q at 86k and it now has 115k.  It is very
     reliable but the few parts it has needed were expensive.

     $ - 50-100
     $$ - 100-250
     $$$ - 250-500