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Re: Paying the Audi-gods...big time...

I concur on using the 'Blue Ignitors' from Rapid Parts - I've put a set on
every I-5 Audi I've ever owned, back to my original box-stock '85 5ks.
Great wires.  I think I paid around $60.  Rapid Parts is also a great
company...wish they had more Audi, less VW!!!.....SLM

At 07:55 PM 6/1/96 -0700, you wrote:
>John Mallick wrote:
>> 1)  Can you get a pre-cut wire set with the proper connectors to fit
>> in those boots?  Who sells 'em?
>> 2)  If #1 is not possible, can you just get good copper core ignition
>> wire and some of these connectors (whatever they are) and make a set
>> of your own.  The $350 you save may be your own...
>> John Mallick
>> '91 200tq20v
>> BTW, the car does run a bit better.  Now to fix my boost problem (I
>> still only see 1.5 bar max).
>I have one suggestion but am not positive about it, still, it might be 
>worthwhile.  Rapid Parts in NY state sells a series of wires called "Blue 
>Igniters" (they are blue) for many models of VW that have a good 
>reputation from what I've heard.  Since they also supply Audi parts, you 
>might try giving them a call to see if they have these wires to fit your 
>car or can point you in the right direction.  I was thinking of calling 
>them the next time I do a tune-up on my car. I don't have their number 
>anymore, but you can get them if you call information for Tallman, NY and 
>ask for Rapid Parts.   
>I apologize in advance if this is a goose chase. 
>Best wishes, 
>'84 4KQ

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