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4kq sway bars.... what is available?

I want to find out what front sway bars are available for my 86 4kq 
autocross car?  In a few weeks there will be pictures posted on the net 
of the car in action with the new graphics and suspension bushings.  The 
car runs a bit flatter than last year, but it still rolls a TON!

The SCCA rules allow me to run any front bar I want as well as any 
bushing material.  I would like to find a bar that is a lot stiffer than 
stock.  Ideally, it should be adjustable.  I am hoping to help transient 
response and stability with the bar.  I will try and compensate for the 
inherent understeer it will create in other areas.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.  BTW: no, I can not add a rear 

Steve Verona