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> From: schulz@tif623.ED.RAY.COM (Peter Schulz)
> Took a look in the ol' D&W Catalog this AM.  The pseudo grille to make the
> 89-91 Coupe Q look like the newer S2 or 6 cylinder 90s is made by Nothelle.
> D&W lists it for 199 DM, or about $133.  The ad also said "no drilling
> required"
> There is an official US importer of Nothelle, I remember having seen it
> in European Car Magazine....

Yup. Evolution Tuning, right here in College Station, TX.  They're a 
few months away from going into full-scale business.  Moved here from 
Mexico.  I haven't stopped in to see them yet, but will soon.....when 
they get into biz, I will post to the list. 

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