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broken power window saga

OK someone on the list was kind enough to send me the "instructions" on 
fixing broken power window regulators.  My problem is that the cable / 
wire is too slack and is falling off the top pulley, which is obviously 
bad and is rendering the window unusable.  Luckily it is in the UP 

Is it possible to adjust the slack (i.e. tighten) on the cable while it 
is still in the door frame?  This would be IDEAL...

Also, the instructions mention something called a "circlip" which is 
holding the window on to the vertical guide for the wire.  I guess I have 
to confess ignorance..I don't know what a circlip is.  I don't know how 
to get the window off the thing that holds it either, even from the 
instructions.  They suggest that I "pry" the circlip off.

Can anyone help me out for any of these things?

 -Preston Brown