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RE: Round Black, Holds Air 700Z's

I've got 225-50-15 P700Zs on 15x8s on the 85 ur-q. I like 'em, but I also liked the OEM 215-50-15 P7Rs that came stock on the 15x8 Ronals on the 85. The P7Rs sure worked GREAT on the track and SUCKED in the snow! The P700Zs do not seem to wear as well as the P7Rs but I do not have exact mileage figgers on the P700Zs in memory. I got up to 50,000 miles out of the P7Rs on the ur-q, about double what you'd expect on a Porsche, etc. Inside edges are always the first to go due to the stock large negative camber for handling. I like the P700Zs.