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Re: 5000S Engine dead

A couple of months ago, my Avant lost a lot of power suddenly.  This 
 eventually turned out to be the cam belt.  It had jumped one notch.  I 
 think this would also lead to loss of compression - (I didn't measure 
 it at the time).

I diagnosed the fault by observing the vacuum on the econometer - it 
 never went very low any more.  When I attached a 10UKpound vacuum 
 tester to the engine - the dial indicated "valve timing retarded" (the 
 scale went from OK to late ignition to valve timing retarded).  I 
 didn't really believe this, so I then checked the timing marks on the 
 cam and the flywheel, and they were out by one tooth!  I reset the 
 belt, and the engine ran like a dream.

The problem was obviously due to a loose cam belt.  I have tightened it 
 up (what a stupid adjustment, having to loosen the water pump and lose 
 all your antifreeze, just to tighten a belt) and now my water pump is 
 producing an alarming rattle at idle - has anyone come across this 
 type of failure before?

BTW, if my cam belt had jumped by more than one tooth, would the piston 
 have met the valves?  The engine is a 2144cc 5cylinder non turbo (I 
 think the engine code is WC).

The same week that my cam belt jumped, exactly the same thing happened 
 to my friends Opel Kadett (Vauxhall Astra).  He was told that it was 
 probably due to a stone getting between the belt and a toothed wheel.

Final question - how do you lock the engine without the special tool.  
 Can you wedge a screwdriver against the teeth on the flywheel?

1984 80q
1983 Avant