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'91 200TQ Electrical Gremlins

Mr. Jerry Beer writes about weird dash problems on his 200 TQ. 
When you turn the lights on, the turn signal indicators light up,
the center of the dash goes dark, and the hi-beam indicator
glows.  Unbelievable, my aunt's '91 200TQW that I've been
driving for the past couple of weeks does the exact same thing. 
Here is where I'm at:  I looked at Bentley, and all of the above
circuits share the same return in the wire harness, outside the
instrument cluster.  This return goes to the defroster switch bulb
return, after which it finally goes to chassis.  I figured it's either a
bad ground in the harness, or a bad ground in the instrument
cluster.  I took the instrument cluster out, opened the connector,
and added a ground wire to the harness, straight to chassis. 
Plugged everything back together, and no change.  I haven't
opened up the instrument cluster to check out the PC board, but
my guess is its a bad ground trace.  I called our local dealer
(Stammler in Boulder. CO) and asked if there was any chance of
getting Audi to pay for it.  I'll let you know the outcome, but it will
be a few weeks, as my aunt has her car back and is out of town.

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro