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Re: 5000S Engine dead

> I diagnosed the fault by observing the vacuum on the econometer - it 
>  never went very low any more.  When I attached a 10UKpound vacuum 
>  tester to the engine - the dial indicated "valve timing retarded" (the 
>  scale went from OK to late ignition to valve timing retarded).  I 
>  didn't really believe this, so I then checked the timing marks on the 
>  cam and the flywheel, and they were out by one tooth!  I reset the 
>  belt, and the engine ran like a dream.

I've heard that the manifold vacuum signals are a little different for FI
engines vs. carburetetted ones, so I wouldn't have gone from the vacuum 
gauge markings alone.  
> The problem was obviously due to a loose cam belt.  I have tightened it 
>  up (what a stupid adjustment, having to loosen the water pump and lose 
>  all your antifreeze, just to tighten a belt) and now my water pump is 
>  producing an alarming rattle at idle - has anyone come across this 
>  type of failure before?

I agree that using the WP as the tensioning device is odd for a number of
reasons ... there much be some technological advantage to doing it though
(vorsprung durch techik, you know ;-)  I always assume that if it happened
once it can happen again, so I recommend that you replace the belt rather
than reusing it.  Since the WP is in the location that it is ... and also 
since it is relatively inexpensive to replace, I also recommend that when 
you replace the cam belt that you replace the WP at the same time.  You
may have a bad bearing in your WP, or it may be that your belt has stretched 
enough so that the pump impeller is touching something in the block.  
> BTW, if my cam belt had jumped by more than one tooth, would the piston 
>  have met the valves?  The engine is a 2144cc 5cylinder non turbo (I 
>  think the engine code is WC).
It is my understanding that the NA engines are non-interference, so you 
shouldn't worry about doing major damage if the belt breaks completely.  
I can tell you from direct experience that the WX engine (turbocharged) 
is an interference engine.  
> Final question - how do you lock the engine without the special tool.  
>  Can you wedge a screwdriver against the teeth on the flywheel?
... seems to me that would work ... never had a need to try it.

BTW - you mention that you have an "Avant" ... is there any badging on the
car that states that it is an Avant, or is that simply what it is referred 
to as ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'88 5000 CSTQ Wagon
'82 QTC
'78 Fox GTI 4+5