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RE: New to Quattroness

On Friday 14 June, Ian Duff said:

>I've got the original Speedline wheels, with the crummy clearcoat.
>Someone (Peter Schulz?) is checking into a shop near Boston that can fix
>the crummy job, for about $60/wheel. Have you verified that Tire Rack
>has the correct offset and bolt diameter wheels? I would like to (after
>winning the lottery - tough, since entry is usually a prerequisite) go
>with the BBSs they have on sale, too. The BBSs look similar to the
>Speedlines, and I could go with 16x7 or 16x7.5 vs. the stock Speedline
>15x7s I currently have.

It was me (I?) I called Mark Moran at "Rim & Wheel Works, inc"
(800) 261-0495, in Newton, MA.  Mark said that they have experience with
the Speedline Wheels.  The problem is evidently related to the fact that
only the outer rim was originally clear-coated.  Mark can bead-blast the
rim and repaint it for about $90/rim.  Straightening will set you back 
about another $90 (my rims are carrying alot of weights since this past
winter).  I am not ready to spend $180 a rim, but this was a phone quote.

OTOH, I haven't yet showed the rims to Mark.  Perhaps the price could 
be lowered. Perhaps a group of us could get a discount...

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro (with peeling Speedline rims)