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Re: Bearing prices

> Does anyone know the numbers for a 87 5KSQ? Bearing numbers that is, it would be
> a four digit number stamped on the bearing, like 6415 (it won't be close to that
> though), it also might have a c3, c4 or something else like that after it.
> That's the internal clearnace designation, unless it is standard, than it won't
> have anything.
> I'll see if I can dig up some bearing info and post it to the list on the type
> and numbering system.

It just so happens that I have a brand new bearing kit here, 86.5 5k onward,
82mm OD.  Bearing is FAG, number is 565636.

You really need the axle nut, circlip and ball joint bolt as well as the
bearing.  The old bolt will be unusable.  The new one is M10.9x45mm, only
last 25mm is threaded.