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84 4KCSQ giveaway

Yes, this is for real...
I have an '84 4000 CS Quattro that will go to the first person
who wants it and who will come and get it.  It runs, but needs
rear bearings, rear brake rotors, a temperature sensor, and a new
windshield.  The body is in fair condition; a scrape down the right
side and light front end damage.  This car is more of a parts car
than a fixer-upper, but could be either for someone willing to
put the time/care/money into it.

I estimated at least $1000 worth of parts can be salvaged from it.
Good tires, rims, engine, tranny, transfer case, clutch, radiator,
heater core, starter, alternator, interior parts.  Doors, but not
handles.  Seats in great condition.

The car is in Kenton, Ohio, midway between Lima and Marion, Findlay and

This will be gone soon.  If I don't get some responses I will be forced
to junk it.  I may consider parting it out myself.

Please respond back to my e-mail, not the list!

James Kerr
Academic Computing Services
316B Galvin Hall
The Ohio State University at Lima
Lima, Ohio