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Hi everyone,

I am new to this list, and I can already assert this is easily the most
entertaining and informative list I have seen.  

Now for my question.  Some info. is beginning to appear about a new 5
cylinder VW engine they have named the VR5.  From the name I would assume it
is a VR6 with a cylinder shaved off.  The literature, however, mentions a
longitudinal engine arrangement for the new Passat (Same for the new A6?)
that carries this engine.  Can you "longitudinally" mount a V engine?
Granted, the VR6 certainly looks like an I engine from the outside.  The
idea of a V5 is kinda funky (even though the angle is extremely narrow), but
could it mean the VR5 is a completely new engine? (as opposed to a modified
VR6), or could it be the (here the Audi content) latest iteration of the
immortal I5?  If I am not mistaken the I5 bloc is still used for the new
direct-injection turbo-diesel Audi markets in the rest of the world, so it
would not be surprising if a new use were found for what has proven to be a
very solid design.  This is pure conjecture, since I have no other
information on the subject, but since a 5 valve/cylinder version of this
engine is in the works, it would prove extremely interesting if it were in
fact the I5.  It might just pique the fancy of a few qlisters to think what
some mechanical surgery could accomplish for their beasts with some cylinder
boring, new pistons, and a 5 valve head.