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Fog light switch

Can anyone answer this questions for me?  I want to install aftermarket fog 
lights on my A4Q.  I would like to use a fog light switch like the ones 
already in the car.  My question is two-fold:
1)  Is the switch in the A4 the same as the 100/200/A6 and/or the 80/90?  Or 
is this a new size/style that will only fit in the A4?  If the image on the 
switch is different, it's o-kay, but I am looking for fit and want to scour 
junkyards before having to surrender $$$ to Audi.  Which brings me to 
questions # 2

2)  Does anyone on the list know of a junkyard in the northen NJ (Essex, 
Morris, Union, Bergen) area with a decent Audi selection?  

Thanks for the help.

Jon Linkov