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A4 vs A6 purchase decision

Hey all,
       Previously I had written asking for recommendations and tales of
ownership for the A4 and A6, pros and cons, etc. The response pretty much was
that the A4 was more desirable. I recommended the A4 to the folks, based
entirely on the advice received... even forwarding the responses to the home
front (from where I now sit). The folks decided that the A6 would fit their
needs a bit more than A4. So.. hands have been shook, vin numbers written
down, and we are scheduled to trade in our 92 Mazda Miata (5,000 miles only)
next week and pick up the A6. I haven't seen the car personally but from what
I gather, it is Emerald Mica (dark green like) and has an off-white interior
They got the cold weather package (PAW) ,leather seats, Bose 8spkr stereo,
and the power sunroof. OH.. and of course the Auto tranny.