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Re: Timing on 4k

Krayon Blak,webslug@tequila.com,Internet writes:
Yikes! This is kind of urgent: I'm changing the timing belt on my 1986 4k.
It's a 2.2 5cyl engine. The camshaft gear seems to be off for whatever
reason. And I have conflicting references regarding where the dot on the
back of the gear should be when at TDC.

My Haynes manual says the mark should be visible at the top of the valve
cover edge when looking through the window in the rear timing cover. Well,
it's not visible.

The Audi List archives has a text file on changing the timing belt on a
5cyl. In the text file it says the mark can be 180 degrees off.

Now, to make things more confusing... The camshaft gear has a dot on both
sides. BUT, the dots are not at the same place on the gear. AND, the dots
are NOT 180 degrees apart. More AND... As currently set, neither of the
dots would be visible in the window when the pulley, flywheel are at TDC
marks (at least those two marks end up in the same place!

Anyone got an answer as to which dot should be where when at TDC? Maybe
someone can check the Bentley manual???

I'd really like to get this thing on the road again before the end of the


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Your mark to use is the inner mark(towards the rear of the motor).The outer
one is for when the gear is used as an intermediate shaft gear don't worry
about that. Line the mark up with the head surface where the valve cover
gasket sits. To double check make sure that no 1 cylinder cam lobes are both
pointing up at about 10 and 2 o'clock, no 1 piston is at top dead center and
the rotor button is pointing to the notch on the distributor side for no 1
cylinder. If these three things are right then the timing marks don't matter.

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