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Thought I was a goner (not of the Dave Head caliber)

This is nothing like Dave Head's adventure! Thank (the Audi ones too!!)

Here I am, following my wife to look at new office space for her. I pull
around the block to find a parking spot on the street, and after parking
look up to see a bicycle cop looking down on me as I get out. Damn. What
have I done to deserve his attention? Turns out, just driving an Audi!
Cops are human, too! He had just gotten a '93 90 and wanted to chat!

He highly recommended Montreal Grand Prix, having just returned from
there, whereupon I HIGHLY recommended this list for his new Audi. Chat,
chat, my wife standing at the corner, hesitant to come over, sure that
her presence will REALLY get me in trouble this time. Kind of renews my
faith in the brothers in blue.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro 20v