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Re: A4: What color is THAT?!

>On my way to work today, I drove by the Audi dealer (as I do every day).  It
>was on the other side of the road, so I couldn't stop, but they had an A4
>that was some sort of radioactive yellow/green.  It was horrifically ugly
>(IMHO).  If I have time, I'll stop on the way home to see the official name
>of the color...
The color is called Brilliant Yellow.  It is part of Audi's new
Lifestyle colors.  Also new are: Aquarell Green, Pelican Blue,
Tropic Green.  

I saw a Yellow A4Q in the Audi dealer showroom in Minneapolis.  I
thought it was very cool (interesting difference in tastes huh?
-Could be the fact that I'm part of the 'younger' Q-generation). 
;)   Anyway, 'twas yellow with black leather and BBS wheels.  



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