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aluminum tire valve caps

For anyone like me who is vain enough to get those cool Al tire valve caps 
with "Audi" enameled on them - WRAP THE VALVE THREADS WITH TEFLON TAPE. 
Perhaps there are also other ways to keep the Al cap from "binding" 
(hopefully some more metallurgically-inclined list members can explain what's 
going on) to the brass(?) valve, but whatever it takes, DO IT.
I did wrap teflon tape around the threads (as instructed to on the box) when 
I first put the caps on, but evidently it deteriorates with time and harsh 
winters. Long story short, I pulled the whole valve right out while trying to 
get the valve cap off, rapid decompression ensuing. I was able to pop the 
valve back in, pump it back up, and tiptoe over to the corner gas station to 
get the valve replaced. Of course I picked the morning I had scheduled an A8 
test drive to mess around with this! Still made it on time, though. I won't 
bother to add more praise to that already expressed on the list for the A8, 
but will just say it is totally worthy of it all.

'93 90csq
North Wales, PA