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IBIS results sent to COIMBRA????

I apologize to any and all who are confused about the messages that 
were sent from my school's server regarding an IBIS search about the 
prescription drug Xanax.  I was doing the search as part of a research 
project, from another computer than my own. Using my Email 
address, I tried to send the search results from IBIS (Illinois 
Bibliographic Information Service) back to my Email account at DePaul so 
that I could peruse them at my leisure.  

I CANNOT understand HOW they wound up here.  However, my Email account 
has been behaving somewhat strangely since I subscribed to the Quattro 
list; recently I accrued 400 Email messages because I could not read them 
from Netscape Mail as a result of an error in a message sent by 
MAILER-DAEMON (somewhere).  I neither specified this URL as my 
destination, nor did the computer I sent the command from in order to 
save the messages to my account at AKOWALSK@SHRIKE.DEPAUL.EDU know the 
email address of the Quattro list.  

Please delete these messages from the list.  On the other hand, if any of 
you would like to know about anxiolytic drugs while you are working on 
your pride and joy, feel free to partake.

Many apologies,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ