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Re: 4KCSQ and Clutch

I have an '87 4kcsq with just short of 155,000 miles.  It goes in on Wed 
for a new clutch.  Everyone I talk to tells me that because it is a 
hydraulic clutch there are no adjustments possible.  Mine started 
slipping under acceleration about 8 months ago.  First in 5th, then 4th, 
now its slipping in 3rd gear under heavy acceleration.  Probably should 
have replaced it last year but I was too stubbron (= cheap) to do so.  

Its starting to get expensive.  LAst month it got new rear struts, ball 
joints and lower tie rods.   This month a clutch.  Oh well, still cheaper 
then car payments and the A4 1.8T is nowhere to be seen.

Bill Murin

On 18 Jun 1996, Nicholas Menaker wrote:

> Is it true that the 86 and 87 model year 4KCSQ have a NON self adjusting clutch
> compared to the other audis of similiar yearage?  What does this mean, and what
> adjustments should, could be made.  I wonder what the condition of my 86 4KCSQ
> clutch is, (150K) and would like to check it, or do a work-over.
> Nick out