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Re: Cost of Perfection

At 07:15 AM 6/19/96 -0700, you wrote:

>Now the AC does not cool the car like my 89 200tqw unit does.  Either I 
>need freon, or this leak (which stopped) caused this issue.
>Do you have a part number for the gasket, have you checked with 
>Linda@Carlson. I'll make some calls to local shops if its the gasket 
>and see what I can find out......Let me know..
>89 200tqw

Yep - thats where the compressor is. Look under there, you'll see a hose
going  into each end of the manifold, front to rear. The compressor is
clamped into position with an upper and lower clamshell type mounting assembly
The manifold is two piece, then bolts to compressor with 4 o-rings (by three
bolts) for sealing. The leak occurs at the gasket for the two piece manifold
- and no one sells it. You have to buy a new manifold!  Of course you may
have a leak at a hose o-ring, or one of the manifold o-rings instead. 

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