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A6 vs A4 (and the winner is...)

the A6! It's a dark green (can't remember the audispeak for it), has an off
white interior. Leather, PAW (cold weather package), Quattro, Bose 8spkr,
Sunroof/Moonroof. Ernest met me down at gdFrance in Ithaca for a last minute
evaluation of the two cars. His 5k looks sharp with the BBS and Bosch Driving
lights BTW. 
   IMHO the A4 and A6 felt remarkably similar. The A4 felt a little more nimble
then the A6, and had a much tighter turning radius (obviously). The idiot
salesman didn't take us anywhere where we could open them up so my evaluation
is limited. Ernest felt that the damping in the rear of the A6 was a touch more
wallowy then the A4. If it had been my decision I would have gone with the A4,
fully loaded including the sport steering wheel, but for a couple in their 50s
with a 16 year old son (my brother) still in the house, the A6 made more sense.
My father had a point when he said that the A4 would have been his choice had
he been 10-20 yrs younger. 
   Now as luck would have it, I am currently in possession of the A6 up here at
school. I'll spare you the twisted logic, but I have the car for the next five
days or so. To say the least, I'm impressed. I don't think the car is
underpowered for a full size sedan. Shifts are smooth and driving is
effortless. I wish the seats were a little softer, but they will break in with
time as with the 200q. The steering is a little too light for my taste at
highway speeds but the variable assist tries. I haven't figured out all the
doo-hickies and what not yet.. but most of it is the same as the older Q. I
miss the trip computer though. 
   More later as I break her in. I have a  question though:  7500 mile
oil change interval?  
   Oh and.. on my way from Ithaca I went through the glen. Saw a nice silver S4
and a 911C outside a restaurant. Seems they just left track school, according
to the young woman in the 911. ANybody know anything about the school at the
glen? Thanks again to Ernest, and the entire list, you guys were very helpful
and essentially locked us in to another Audi instead of a SUV or suburu. 
   Finally to all other A6 owners: Tell me the whole "welcome to the family"
video didn't crack you up. I mean.. I know I'm not their target age group or
anything, but what is this.. the MOB?