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Re: Audi mountain bike??

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996 21:55:53 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>Hey all...
>This might be a little off the topic...BUT...I've heard some rumors about an
>Audi-made mountain bike...well, Audi only builds the frameset.  Anyone else
>heard of this?  Got any specs on the beast?  I know that some other european
>auto makers build tricked-out mountain bikes...
>1988 90
>1992 Cannondale M2000

That's right.  They make two bikes and these where on display at one
of the UK motor shows a couple of years ago.  Somewhere I have a
brochure with all the Audi 'Lifestyle' product range where it gives
the details on the bike, but for now I can only find the price list.
The "Quattro Mountain Bike R2" costs 1035 ukp and the "Quattro
Mountain Bike R2 Pro" costs 1955 ukp.  They also have a range of
cycling clothing and protection gear too.

Audi do a large range of products from a hair dryer to a golf clubs.
Most are either made of aluminium or aluminium coloured and where
introduced when the A8 came out.  In the UK, there is also a smart
range of clothing (suits, shirts and ties etc.) that are produced by
the NEXT (classy, fashionable and pricey high street shops) chain.
The all have the Audi Quattro logo on them and are geared to the A8
business man or woman.

Matt West
Oxford, England.
e-mail : matt@tdraft.demon.co.uk
1989 Audi Coupe 2.2E