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Re: Audi mountain bike??

Since someone opened this subject, what about the all-wheel drive mountain
bike (which we should probably call "duo")? 

A few years ago, I have seen a short section of the Beyond 2000 show (if I
am not mistaken on the title) describing an all-wheel drive mountain bike.
Power was transferred to the front wheel through a flexible drive shaft. I
have looked at the various bike catalogs to no avail: this does not seem to
be available in the US. 

Does anybody know anything about this bike? Does it work?

At 21:55 06/19/96 -0400, LEMONHEAD wrote:
// Hey all...
// This might be a little off the topic...BUT...I've heard some rumors about an
// Audi-made mountain bike...well, Audi only builds the frameset.  Anyone else
// heard of this?  Got any specs on the beast?  I know that some other european
// auto makers build tricked-out mountain bikes...
Frederic Gittler

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