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Re:Need A4 shop manual

'twas asked:

> From: jetryde <jetryde@cris.com>
> Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 23:18:23 -0700
> Subject: Need A4 shop manual
> I can't find a shop manual for my 96 A4Q.  The dealer says that they are 
> not available and that they don't even have them for some of there 95 and 
> 94 models.  I really need a wiring diagram so I can install my new alarm 
> (factory alarm is not very high tech.)to the door locks, windows, 
> sunroof, etc.

give 1-800-544-8021 a call... It's reportedly Audi Product Service
Publications. I'm told you can even get a listing faxed to you of
their offerings.

I bought my manual set (except for the electrical) from Carlsen. They
said they've been having a hard time getting manuals and suggested
these folks.

> Does anyboby know if Audi ever sold pearl white touch-up paint?


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