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Re: Headlight (5Ks conversion)

[from Dave (the Nukular Engineer) Head]

>This also means the older 4 headlamp setup will bolt in. This would be the
>cheap lighting upgrade. Put those in, slap in a set of Hella replacement
>rectangular halogens, buy the covers from JC, upgrade to bigger bulbs if you
>want. You're in there...

GE makes a 'High Output' version of the 4656 bulb. This is the low beam
rectangular bulb. Seen it at them discount stores (Kmart).

The original 55W 4656 halogens on my old Mazda was pretty impressive.

4 beams also lets you aim where you want the highs and lows to go. Real nice.
Just add JCWhitney headlamp cover and you get back the 'Aero'.

Darn cheaper to repair any damage too. ($10 for a H.O. 4656)