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RE: Audi mountian bike??

Someone asked about all wheel drive bicycles with cables.
They were shown at the int'l bike show in anahiem about 4 years 
ago, but lots of these companies, I think they went belly up.
they were NOT marketing the high end stuff.  Mostly Tiawanese
clunkers with cable drives to the front hub.

Chris Chimed in:

>I'll bet they didn't know that, in addition to Audi, BMW, 
>Aston Martin, Lotus, and, of course, Peugeot all make or 
>slap their names onto bicycles. 

I was racing a Peugout in 1975, and I couldn't drive yet. (legally)
So I always though it the other way around.  Slapping bicycle
names onto cars!

paul t-