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Re: Audi Widows Unite. Widowers welcome also.

>To Mrs. Mike Loeks and fellow sufferers:
>I am in complete sympathy with you.  We just got a computer at home and
>my husband Paul (Cello) Souza logs in several times an evening to check
>his mail (when he isn't playing a race car video game or working on one
>of our Audis.)  I think we need to send these guys to AA (Audis
>Anonymous).  I love our Audi, but obsession is another story.  If you are
>planning a support group for abandoned Audi spouses, sign me up.
>Lisa Souza

YIKES.... widows? widowers? (not spouses?)  *GULP*  Uhh, say, this
isn't a hint of things to come is it?  ;)  HEY MIKE & PAUL... run
for it guys, they got the knives out!  Eee gawd.... luckily I'm
not married.  ;)





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