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Re: Coupe GT Transmission suddenly becoming a little notchy


Once it becomes notchy, I would test to make sure the clutch is fully

While sitting in a parking lot, engage first, then return to neutral
without releasing the clutch.  After a minute, see if it slips right back
into first or if it has to stop the gears again.  If it slips right in, the
clutch stayed disengaged.

I would then suspect the synchros or the oil.  Put in the best synthetic
you can find, such as Redline, and see what happens.  If it's still notchy,
try to learn to live with it since any fix is likely to be big $$.

>My manual transmission has suddenly become a little notchy and is no longer
>its fluid self.  For the first few miles it seems fine, but then becomes a
>bit notchy.
>Does anyone have any ideas on what could be up?  I have 91K miles on the car
>and have the original clutch.  Thx.
>86 Coupe GT

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL