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Having a ball with a joint....

In a message dated 96-06-21 10:27:56 EDT, you write:

<< e whole control arm anyhow) and off she comes.  So, tonight I gotta get
 other one off.  Anyone with ideas/suggestions?  Yes, I removed the balljoint
 bolt before I started any of this...  Any reason not to just start off with
 pickle fork & forget the pry-bar idea?
 -- >>
Yo, Mike.....  Todd Candey just went thru this exercise with the lesson
being, buying craftsman crap for the "primative pete" stuff beats breaking
the snap-ons....  Take mr. screwdriver and insert in the "split" where the
ball joint goes into hub...  separate that split some, and voila, the pup
just about falls out....  BTW, you don't need to do the swaybar removal for
this procedure....   Get new ball joint bolts too, torque to spec....