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Re: How the $%^& do you remove ball joints from strut housing?

I've found that the ball joints are MUCH more willing to come out if you
first disconnect the a-arm from the subframe.  Take the two bolts out that
go through the control arm bushings and tap (or beat) the a-arm out from
the subframe.  Of course disconnect the sway bar and take the ball joint
retaining bolt out too.  I've actually had the ball joint FALL out doing
this a coupla times.  You might be on a learning curve with the bolts
holding the a-arm on the subframe, but after you've done it a coupla times
it goes pretty quickly.  Of course your model may be way different, but
it should still be pretty straightforward getting the a-arm away from the
subframe.  Try it, you'll like it.

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