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RE: Kudos for Carlsen!

On a related note: my distributor is leaking oil and got priced at $395
(dealer + a little (very little) for the mechanic) + ~$100 labour for
replacement. I called Linda and she immediately came up with $225 for
the same part (+S&H)! Amazing.

Anyway, it was all for naught as I found out that the distributor has
been replaced by an Audi dealership on 12/18/95 - app. 7,000 miles ago -
and is therefore covered by the 12/12 parts and labour warranty. Yeah!
- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Subject: 	Kudos for Carlsen!
>Sorry for the bandwidth, but I had to give a public round of applause
>for Linda at Carlsen.
>Two weeks ago I broke the front windshield of my GT when I was
>remounting the seats.  (Recaros 
>being higher than the stock seats, I had a bit of an interferece
>problem when I slid the seat 
>forward with the back tilted forwards.)
>After getting local quotes from glass installers, and being told that
>I'd have to settle for 
>"American-made replacement quality glass," I called Linda at Carlsen.
>She managed to track down the _only_ OEM windshield for a GT in the
>States!  Not to mention that 
>the discount she gives to members of this list allowed me to save $$
>even after paying to have the 
>thing shipped from CA to Portland, OR.  
>But here's the clincher; bear in mind that the retail price for this
>chunk of glass is $290 . . . 
>she had quoted me $270 ($230 windshield & $40 shipping).  As it turns
>out the shipping was going to 
>cost $65, so she dropped her price on the window to $205 to make sure
>she stayed inside of the 
>original price that she gave me!
>Normally I wouldn't bother for only $20, but I was order other misc. at
>the same time so that the 
>discount begins to add up. 
>This sold me.  She will get all of my dealer parts business from now
>on.  All disclaimers apply, 
>just another overly satisified customer.
>'85 Coupe GT
>Welches, OR
>Gary G. Erickson
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