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Re: WOW, she was pe-od!

Portia & Lisa, since I resemble most of the remarks made in your 
respective e-mails the only defense I can assert on our behalf is 
being an Audi Widow has got to be better than having to pull us off of 
some bar fly; gather what's left of the pay check; flush the heroin 
down the toilet; and then drive us home (It's weak, I know). Truth be 
told, I have never met a more congenial, helpful, generous group of 
people than the ones on this list. For the most part, they all go out 
of their way to patiently help compete strangers. Moreover, this list 
has literally helped me save several thousand dollars. OK, I spent a 
little of the savings, OK, OK, some of the savings, OK, OK, a lot of 
the savings on Audi "improvements" but I still have to believe I came 
out ahead. Why do we do it? Heck I don't know, friendship, 
camaraderie, a love of the marque (Audi). I'll finish with this -- 
I've been a car nut since I was about 14. Over the past four decades 
I've leaned a bit about cars and I firmly believe you cannot buy a 
better car for the money. Thanks for listening! Go easy on your 
fellas, OK? Fellas, give 'em a big hug and a kiss and let them know 
how much you love them before you check your E-mail, OK?