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MTM A4! Wow!

Guys, (and their wives)

	I got a photocopy today of an article from Sports Cars 
International, about an MTM-modified A4.  It boasts 286 HP, and 228 
ft-lbs of tork.  The suspension is lowered an additional 20mm from the 
A4tq's already-lowered-by-20mm stance.  They are using a revised exhaust 
manifold, and a K24 turbo with an HKS wastegate, and a big stainless 
steel exhaust system.  Apparently the stock exhaust back pressure was 
something like 400 mB, and they got it down to 140 mB.  SCI reports that 
MTM used new injectors from Bosch that have 4 holes in each injector, 
designed to produce smaller droplets.  (I have a set of GM-Bosch injectors 
that also have this feature)  Get this - it rides on 17 x 8.5 wheels with 
245/40-17 tires!  Looks like a real bahnstormer!

	The director of MTM pointed out that Audi had to make sure that 
the turbo 4 engine's output was lower than the top-of-the-line V6 just 
because of marketing concerns, so the intake and turbo are severely 
restricted from the factory.  He said that the turbo 4 has TREMENDOUS 
potential.  I think we're in for a treat when that car comes over here.

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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