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Re: Stuttering 4KSQ....

     While it's stuttereing, do you see an unusual amount of black smoke?
     If so, you may want to check the coil. Sounds to me like what I went 
     through with my 4ksq.
     Todd Candey

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Subject: Stuttering 4KSQ....
Author:  Lorens Kulla <lorens@polaris.mindport.net> at ~internet
Date:    6/21/96 07:12 PM

Can anyone help with a problem I just started having with my '85 4ksq. 
It idles fine but when you give it anything more than part throttle. It 
runs like it is on the limiter. Just started the other day, revs to 
around 4k/rpm at light throttle then bang, stutter. Idles fine, if you 
squeeze the throttle hard at idle it sounds as though it is choking. 
Will sustaian around 2500 rippems in that state. Thanks in advance. Hate 
having to drive the Bertone ;-). Miss my Q. 
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