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OOOOwww-D race report

I only have a minute (at work).  I took third place a the race in Flint. 
 I was beat by two of the best drivers in the country in an MX3 (Fessler) 
and a Celica (Burns).  Burns beat me by .005 seconds and Fessler beat me 
by .210 seconds.  I had the lead for a while.  For the first time, I 
would have to say I lost due to a lack of power.  The car is visually 
slower on the straights than the others in my class.  I hate to use it as 
an excuse, but I know the car is handling as well if not better then my 
competitors and my driving was very good this weekend.

Now, how can I squeeze out a few more hp?  I am thinking about a valve 
job (never been done w/100k on it), but I do not know how much of an 
improvement it will make.  As I recall, the test showed between 80-86% on 
the 1-4 cylinders and about 65% on the 5th cylinder.  Is it worth the 
money?  I am getting to the point where I wonder if I may be throwing 
good money after bad... maybe the car is too slow to beat the current 
generation of cars?  I would love to make it a winner.  I really enjoy 
running the car and all of the attention at the races.

Any ideas on what to do?

Also, I finally met Grayden Stuckey.  His car is really cool and he is a 
great guy.  He had a bad day at the races.  I think it was the Audi Gods 
seeking revenge on him for running a friends FX16.  BTW, his driving 
lights in the bumper are really cool.  A few friends asked me about his 
car at the track.  They also liked the sound of the car, as did I, but 
Grayden said it was only an exhaust leak;-)

Steven Verona, Vice President
DB-Net, Inc.   614-436-6565 ext 15