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re: roff racks for a CQ, was RE: Audi mountain bike

Eric Renneisen <renneie@hlthsrc.com>

>Since we're on the subject, I desperately need a rack for my '90 CQ. 
>Ideally, I would like a full Yakima setup since they seem to have a fit kit
>specifically designed for the roof line punch-out holes on the Coupe.  The
>only thing holding me back is (of course) the $$$.  So, maybe a little
>advice will help to persuade/dissuade me:

>1. Does anyone use the Yakima setup on a Coupe?  If so, have any
>problems with the punch-out holes been encountered? (wear, leakage,

I have the Thule setup on my CQ.  I replaced the feet and the clamps when 
moving the rack over from my 16V Scirocco.  The clamps fit into the punchouts,
and the rack is solid.  It doesn't budge.  The previous owner had tried using
a rack, without the correct clamping.  He lost the rack on the highway.  Luckily
there was no damage to the roof...

I did not have to use the extender bars, btw.

>2. I have a full Thule rack from my 4K (rain gutter mounts) which I could
>use if I just bought the new Thule towers and stretch kit for 2-door cars, but
>I'm afraid this won't be as stable (the Q sticks, but will the rack?)...

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q