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just got Audi Gamma CD -- need amplifier info

Just got back last week from a 10 day trip to France and Germany.
Saw a lot of nice cars blasting past us on the autobahn.
The story of how that went is too long to include here: just
imagine Charlie Smith at the controls of a 954 cc Peugeot 106.

Did not make it to Audi HQ in Ingolstat, but while in Munich,
we spent some time at a good sized Audi/VW dealer.  In addition
to picking up a whole stack of Audi brochures (all in German...)
I now have in my possession an Audi Gamma CD radio.
(Long story there too about how I got it ...)

This radio is an Audi in-dash CD player/radio, German spec.
Very similar to the Audi Gamma CC cassette radio that was standard
equipment on the 1995 A6, only it is a CD player instead.
Part no. 4A0 035 196.  Price 2066 DM including 15% VAT.

It has basic RDS functionality (works in US) plus some Germany
only regional RDS functions (will probably not work in the US.)
4 FM presets, 4 AM presets, 4 FM autobahn-info-station presets
(will not be useful in the US.)  GALA.  Anti-theft code protection.
FM band is 87.5 to 108.0 in 0.1 MHz steps.
AM band is about 550 to about 1600 in 9 kHz (!!!) steps.
Supports the in-dash display on cars so equipped.

Apart from the frequency differences between the
German and US   FM and AM bands, the only difficulty I have
is that this CD radio was intended for use in cars equipped with
the Audi/Bose speaker package, ie. for use with
externally amplified speakers, so the radio only has line outs.

My 95 A6Q does not have the Bose package.
My car's rear speakers have external amplifiers, though,
and so the rear speakers are working fine.  The front speakers do
not have external amps and are thus not working.

I'd like to get the front speakers to work, and if it doesn't
cost as much again as what the radio did, I'd like to do it
using the correct Audi parts.

I've got the part numbers for the Audi/Bose speakers
(there's a separate part number for each corner of the car,
and it also depends on the year a given car was made)
but what I don't know is whether the front speakers will include
the amplifier or not.  I'd hate to blindly order expensive
non-returnable speakers only to find out they don't have the
amps with them.  I'd rather just order the right amps and install
them, but I do not have part numbers for the amps.

Can someone out there on the list with a recent Audi
(a late model 100, A6, S4 or S6) with the Bose package,
who has possibly done some investigative research, help me out?

Where are the amplifiers for the front speakers in the Bose
setup mounted:
	On the speakers?
	Under the dash in a relay panel?
	Behind the radio?

Here's how my non-Bose 95 A6Q is setup:

The front speakers in my car are mounted in the doors.
There is an about 4" speaker element inside a molded enclosure
down low, and a tweeter up higher about at the door handle level.
It is easy to take out the speaker element from the enclosure.
It would not be easy to remove the whole molded enclosure.
The only harness I saw in the speaker enclosure was a two wire
[brown and white] harness, with no sign of other connections
[eg. power, ground, and switching lead] nor mounting room for
an amplifier.

I have not looked around under the dash yet.  Will have to
do that this week.

I think I've read on this list before that various people
have been able to have the Bose package retro-fitted to
their A6 or retro-stripped from their A6 by their dealership,
so I am holding out hope that the A6 wiring harness is already
setup for a conversion from non-Bose to Bose, and all I have to do
is buy the amplifiers, open up a relay panel under the dash,
unplug the speaker leads from a connector, plug in the amps,
and plug the speaker leads into the newly fitted amps.
I know that will never happen, but I'd like to find out
how close I can come.

I know there are lots of ways of accomplishing this using
aftermarket parts, but I am principally interested in finding out
what factory parts could be used to do the job.

(who subscribes to the digest, so please CC: me on replies
 otherwise I might not see your response for a while.)

PS.  I've also got in my possession VW/Audi adapter harnesses
to adapt the late model wiring harness to an aftermarket radio
or to adapt the late model radio to an aftermarket harness.
There are two apapters: one for power/ground, and another for
speaker outputs.  Couldn't find a plug for the line level
and special signal connector.  More info later or on request:
I don't have the part numbers handy today.

Franco Barber				feb@febsun.cmhnet.org
95 A6Q w/Gamma CD mit RDS!		Columbus OH USA