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V6 reliability

Talked to my 'service advisor' about the reliability of the V6.  He has
been pretty straight in the past, so I think he's a reliable source.
He said that the V6 was basically a reliable engine, with the only 
trouble areas being oil leaks due to expansion/contraction between the
cast iron block/aluminum head, and the front engine housing (?).  Also
carbon can build on the valves (not a new problem for performance 

He said these problems we corrected by engine design revisions in late 
1994, with 1995 and newer V6's being corrected,  (So of course we have a
1993 100CS, 36K miles, no problems yet).

Let me know if you have data to support/dispute this.  (Why am I asking; 
I already know I'll get your opinion!)  :^}


'93 100CS (no Q)

P.S.  A8 sighted in St. Louis dealership this morning! WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
P.P.S,  Test drove '86 Porsche 944 TurboCoupe (76k miles great body, new 
clutch and transmission, new engine/turbo with 53k miles, $13,900, 
whattaya think?)