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RE: Alignment


I'm not sure why, but my '88 90Q never, even when new, would either get into
proper alignment or wouldn't hold it once achieved.  

I averaged about 12K miles on a set of tires for the entire 130K mile life
of that car (before the better half totaled it).  

Both front tires would scrub off the inner edge of the tread in about 7K
miles.  Rotation front to rear allowed me to get the maximum 12K miles per
set of four.  

To the best of my knowledge, it was NEVER in alignment.  This included from
the factory and alignments at my fiendly (sic) local Audi dealer and several
smaller shops with excellent reputations for doing good work.

I didn't/haven't have/had that problem with my first Audi ('83 4K) or either
of my '89 200TQs.

At 10:11 PM 6/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I have owed my Audi's for more years than I wish to expose. I did not have A 
>problem with wheel alignment and never have. I have never had more than one 
>alignment in one year and it has never been so sever to destroy a tire.
>Jun 1996, "Anthony K.B. Chan" <chan@seattleu.edu> wrote:
>>At U. Audi they told me the basic front end alignment is $69.95 but the 
>>last two times I was in for an alignment I ended up paying $99.95 plus 
>>tax. My car is either front end alignment or thrust line alignment since 
>>the rear is not adjustable(I have the FWD 100 with the beam axle on the 
>>back). Yap! I had two alignment in 2 weeks :( Got it lined up one day and 
>>the next day I drove over some brand new speed bump at work so I went 
>>back for another one last friday then I drove up a couple of cobblestone 
>>streets and now it felt like it was out again after $200 dollars later in 
>>2 weeks.
>>Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
>>92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.
>>On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, Peter Henriksen wrote:
>>> Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 13:29:20 -0700
>>> From: Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com>
>>> To: "'EKellock@aol.com'" <EKellock@aol.com>,
>>>     'Michael Spiers' <mikes@specnet.com>
>>> Cc: "'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'" <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>>> Subject: RE: Alignment
>>> Local dealer here (Barrier) charges $129.95... They got it right on the
>>> first try too, BTW.
>>> - peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
>>>   91 200qw
>>>   94 acura legend gs
>>>   80 mazda 626
>>> >----------
>>> >From: 	Michael Spiers[SMTP:mikes@specnet.com]
>>> >Sent: 	Monday, June 24, 1996 11:05 AM
>>> >To: 	EKellock@aol.com
>>> >Cc: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>>> >Subject: 	Re: Alignment
>>> >
>>> >> Getting ready to take in the 5KCSTQ for an alignment and am looking
>>> >>for some
>>> >> insight into alignments for Quattros.
>>> >
>>> >I'll offer the following on alignments: take it to the dealer.  I've
>>> >taken my
>>> >TQ to about four different places in the DC area (and at least two
>>> >trips to
>>> >each,) ranging from "Import Car Specialists" to tire chain (Goodyear)
>>> >stores.
>>> > The only place I took it that got it right (and on the first try no
>>> >doubt) was
>>> >the dealership.  Of course, at $150.00 per alignment, it hurts a
>>> >little...
>>> >
>>> >-- 
>>> >-Mike
>>> >mikes@specnet.com
>>> >mks107@psuvm.psu.edu
>>> >87 5000CS TQ - Metropolitan Washington, D.C. (but not for long...)
>>> >84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
>>> >90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland
>>> >(hunting for the elusive Lago Blue '91 200Q)
>>> >
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